Why Schedio?

Safety and Quality is our #1 priority to help our partners achieve long-term success

Schedio delivers world-class equipment for particle characterization, and operator / product protection in combination with tailored solutions (outstanding machine) and process support. We help navigate your journey, all while staying on top of our commitments for excellence and long-term partnerships.

Value Tree

What makes us different than other companies?

We have four core commitments to our customers that include:


We design our machines to be intrinsically safe, not only when the operator follows the manual in full, but also when mistakes are made, or procedures are not properly followed.

Long-Term Partnerships

Supporting our customers through the full equipment life cycle, along with providing continuous education, training and process support. 


From concept to design…from solutions to processes, we make it easy as possible during our collaboration.


We help save time and resources by combining and adapting current processes with new, innovative solutions.

Level up with the Power of Together

The lifeblood of Schedio is focused on having great partnerships with customers, where we believe in the power of working together and making a real difference to your business.

About us

Our company was formed from a group of passionate and experienced specialists in the pharmaceutical industry, who were ready to create something new and unique. We established the foundation of the company on specific commitments to our work place culture that include equality and diversity, work-life balance, continuous learning and entrepreneurship.

Our 3 core values

The Power of Together

Mankind evolves through individuals with common vision and different expertise that connect and innovate together. We are here to give continuity and grow a network of cross functional talents who share our vision and support each other to bring new ideas to life.


We believe Schedio or any company shall aim to a higher scope within its social environment. We look at progress humanity by enabling the individual to thrive, give back to society more than receiving and create a precedent.

Unleashed Creativity

We envision an environment that encourages curiosity, where creative thinkers from any discipline can express themselves and be the drivers of innovation and change.

Why choose Schedio?

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