What are some hidden risks associated with isolators?

Abstract: Pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies, sometimes underestimate or do not consider certain risk factors, when it comes glove boxes/isolators usage while working with hazardous materials. Safety should be a number one priority when operating machinery. This involves putting the operator’s safety at the highest level and minimizing injury risk for the operator and decreasing chances of a poorly developed or non-useable product.

It’s time to uncover the hidden risks associated with isolators and discover the Schedio approach of putting safety first.


The importance of Isolators
Isolators are used to protect the operator from hazardous materials/products being handled. They also help protect the product itself, whether it be flammable or when it tends to oxidize by providing a controlled environment. During production of products or ingredients for pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies, isolators maintain containment of each process. They are important for both operator and product because they help keep the operator and the environment separated from the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). With well designed isolators, operators are able to work productively and still efficiently while the isolators eliminate contamination from environments as they keep not only the operator safe, but the API safe as well.  Whenever manufacturing isolators, assessments need to be created to understand what process needs to be contained and how.

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