What are some hidden risks associated with isolators?

Pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies cannot afford to underestimate the risks of working with hazardous materials in glove boxes/isolators. Safety should always be the top priority when using such machinery. By prioritizing the operator’s safety, minimizing injury risks, and ensuring high-quality products, companies can gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Isolators play a crucial role in pharmaceutical and fine chemical ingredient production by keeping the operator and the environment separate from the active ingredient. With well-designed isolators, companies can enhance productivity and maintain safety and quality. Assessments during manufacturing are necessary to ensure optimal performance, safety and maximum containment efficiency.

However, to ensure optimal performance and safety, assessments need to be carried out during the manufacturing of isolators. The Schedio approach prioritizes this critical step to understand the process requirements and ensure maximum containment efficiency.

Don’t underestimate the importance of isolators in your operations. Discover the Schedio approach to isolator usage and prioritize safety to achieve the best results for your company.


The importance of Isolators

Isolators are used to protect the operator from hazardous materials/products being handled. They also help protect the product itself, whether it be flammable or when it tends to oxidize by providing a controlled environment. During production of products or ingredients for pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies, isolators maintain containment of each process. They are important for both operator and product because they help keep the operator and the environment separated from the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

With well designed isolators, operators are able to work productively and still efficiently while the isolators eliminate contamination from environments as they keep not only the operator safe, but the API safe as well. Whenever manufacturing isolators, assessments need to be created to understand what process needs to be contained and how.

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