Webinar – What Are Some Hidden Risks Associated With Isolators

Welcome to our webinar on the Hidden Risks Associated With Isolators. While pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies use isolators to protect operators from hazardous materials, there are still certain risk factors that are often underestimated or not considered. In this presentation, we will discuss the importance of isolators and how they maintain containment during the production process. We will also highlight the need for assessments to determine the right containment level and solution for each product and process. Even with the use of isolators, the potential risk for operators increases with the trend of increasing API activity. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the hidden risks associated with isolators to ensure safety and minimize injury risk for the operator, while producing a high-quality and usable product.

Uncover Schedio’s approach of putting safety first. Our goal was to help you gain a better understanding of the potential risks associated with isolators and how to mitigate those risks to ensure operator safety and product quality.

We hope that the insights and best practices shared will help you improve your processes and ensure a safer workplace for your operators. 

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