The lifeblood of Schedio and our core values

Schedio was born from a group of passionate and experienced specialists from the pharmaceutical industry who create something new and unique established on specific core values including equality and diversity, work-life balance, continuous learning and entrepreneurship. The lifeblood of Schedio is focused on having a partnership approach with customers, where we believe in the power of working together and in making a real difference. 

This way of doing business unleashes creativity and encourages curiosity, giving our designers and project managers a space and opportunity to really express themselves and produce innovative solutions and world-class products for today’s pharmaceutical and fine-chemical industry.

The company focuses on jet-milling and tailor-made isolation and containment systems, which go above and beyond the latest industry and safety regulations and requirements. We set the bar higher, and our purpose is aimed at doing more than simply selling products and making a profit. We believe in giving value, making an impact, and setting the pace within the industry, giving more than we receive, connecting with our customers and wider society, and above all, working in a manner that is based around individuals and long-term collaborations built on trust.

Our difference is in really being there, and in passing on our vast experience and expert industry know-how and knowledge to our clients and applying this in the pre-sale, and more importantly, the after-sales process, where the client is supported in optimising the machines for their production process and where we really strive to make an impact. This approach and dedication is a major factor which highlights the difference gained by working with us when the focus is put on long-term sustainable partnerships, connecting at a higher level and working closer together for the future.

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