Dynamic Classifier Achieves Precision Particle Separation in Opposed Jet Mill Processes

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A homogeneous particle size distribution is key to a predictable and consistent dissolution profile.

Given a certain particle size distribution, the classifier separates either fine or gross particles from a certain particle size distribution. The process uses the same classification principle of the opposite jet mill.

The dynamic classifier uses the same particle separation principle of the opposite jet mill, to separate particles of significant different particle size distribution. It can be used to separate or remove a portion (either fine or gross) of a certain particle size distribution from the final product. It also helps with removing agglomerates or un-micronizable particles from the final micronized powder.

Dynamic Classification introduces a revolutionary approach to integrate classification directly within the milling process, enabling real-time sorting of particles. This innovative technique can be smoothly incorporated into existing micronization workflows or employed as an independent system.

The dual capability of Dynamic Classification not only streamlines operations but also ensures precise control over particle size from both upper and lower spectrums, resulting in a highly consistent final product. The uniformity and customizability of the particle size distribution are particularly beneficial for applications requiring specific performance criteria.

The dynamic classifier can function autonomously or alongside a jet milling system, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in particle processing. The granularity of the output is finely tuned through a combination of key operational parameters:

  • Speed of the classifier
  • Pressure within the air barrier classifier
  • Initial size distribution of the powder particles

By manipulating these variables, Dynamic Classification achieves optimal particle size distribution tailored to meet diverse industrial needs, enhancing product quality and process efficiency.

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Technical Info

nominal productivity (Kg/h) 0,5 min - 5 max 1 min - 100 max
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