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Designing equipment for potentially explosive environments requires consideration of human factors in risk management for Ex-Proof Systems.

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In the pharmaceutical industry, the use of flammable compounds is common in various processes. However, the handling of such compounds is associated with a significant risk of explosions, which can have fatal consequences for workers and damage to equipment.

The challenge is to ensure that the equipment used for processing these compounds is safe and designed to prevent explosions.

To address this challenge, we collaborate with our customers to evaluate the risks associated with their specific situation. We provide solutions that help address the AtEx (Atmosphères Explosibles) marking requirements for equipment that will be used in potentially explosive environments. This involves designing equipment to meet the requirements for up to Zone 0/20, which are defined in collaboration with our customers. Some of our solutions, in addition to using ATEX certified components, can include inerting with hydrogen and process monitoring in accordance with current regulations.

Our risk management approach takes into account the human factor, recognizing that mistakes can happen even in controlled environments with fully trained operators. Therefore, we design equipment with built-in safety features to prevent accidents and minimize the risk of explosions. Our focus is on delivering solutions that not only meet regulatory compliance but also ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

In addition, we offer maintenance services to ensure that the equipment continues to function properly, reducing the risk of malfunctions and accidents. We understand the importance of meeting regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical industry, and our solutions are designed to meet and exceed these requirements.​

In summary, our Ex-Proof Systems provide a safe solution to handle flammable compounds, mitigate the risk of explosions, and ensure regulatory compliance. We work with our customers to design and implement equipment that meets their specific requirements, and our focus on safety and risk management ensures the highest level of protection for personnel and equipment.

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Ex-Proof Systems
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AtEX marking:

Up to zone 0/20 


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