Spray Drying

Large industrial metallic equipment with control panel and touch screen, designed for manufacturing or processing purposes.

The cosmetic industry needs consistent product quality, stability, and extended shelf life, all while maintaining the effectiveness of active ingredients. Spray drying technology offers compelling solutions to these issues. This technique transforms liquid cosmetic formulations into fine, dry powders, ensuring uniform particle distribution and improved product homogeneity.​

One of the primary benefits of spray drying in cosmetics is the enhanced stability of the products. Active ingredients, which can be sensitive to moisture and temperature, are better preserved in a powder form, reducing the risk of degradation and extending the product's effectiveness over time.

Furthermore, spray drying allows for controlled release of active ingredients that improves the efficacy of the product, ensuring that the active ingredients are delivered in a more targeted manner. The process also supports the encapsulation of fragrances and oils, protecting these volatile components until they are used by the consumer.​ ​

Spray drying enhances the formulation flexibility, stability, and efficacy of cosmetic products, addressing the core needs of the industry while providing manufacturers with a versatile tool for product development.

The APT-2.0 Spray Dryer from APT Solutions is engineered for both R&D and small-scale production, perfectly blending functionality with a compact, laboratory-friendly design. Here are some of its key features:

  • Full Process Control: Operable via a large LCD touch screen or remotely through an industrial tablet, ideal for high containment areas.
  • Customizable Design: Offers options between glass or steel columns and includes a highly efficient bag filter system for maximum powder recovery.
  • Mobility and Convenience: Designed with wheels for easy movement and a compact structure that fits well in small spaces.
  • Advanced Data Capabilities: Supports up to 15 different data recordings with options for USB, LAN, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It ensures easy data transfer and analysis with output formats like PDF and Excel.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Option for CFR 21 Part 11 compliance, suitable for clinical productions.
  • These features make the APT-2.0 a versatile and efficient choice for scientific research and small-scale manufacturing processes.

uilding on the versatile and efficient capabilities of the APT-2.0, the APT-5.0 Pilot Line from APT Solutions is engineered to facilitate the scale-up from laboratory to pilot production while maintaining precision and quality. Here’s a focused look at the APT-5.0 and its features:

  • Increased Capacity: The APT-5.0 features an evaporative capacity of up to 5 kg/h with distilled water, ideal for larger scale pilot projects.
  • High Temperature Tolerance: It can handle maximum inlet temperatures up to 300°C, accommodating a wide range of materials.
  • Enhanced Control Options: Like its smaller counterpart, the APT-5.0 offers full process control with advanced data capabilities, including up to 15 different data recordings and connectivity through USB, LAN, and Wi-Fi.
  • Customization and Safety Features: It includes options such as a Closed Loop for organic solvent processing, Spray Congealing set-up, CIP (Clean In Place) system, extra dust filters, heavy-duty peristaltic pump, flameless venting device, and active flame isolation systems.
  • Robust Construction: The equipment is built with materials like AISI 316 for parts in contact with the feed, ensuring durability and compliance with high-quality standards.

These features make the APT-5.0 a robust and adaptable solution for pilot-scale production, offering enhanced capacity and control for effective process scaling.

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Technical Info

Spray Drying
evaporation rate water (Kg/h) 2 Kg/h 5 Kg/h 8 Kg/h 30 Kg/h
max inlet temperature (C°) 220 300 300 300

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