Cosmetic Particle Engineering & Formulation Technologies

Improve solubility through cosmetic particle engineering

Abstract geometric fragmentation of lipstick and cosmetic bottles, depicted in a teal wireframe style, conveying a modern, artistic interpretation of beauty products.

Particle size distribution and uniformity are critical for cosmetic powders and the most common technique used is micronization to get the best, final product.

Schedio uses tailored solutions with specific machinery that helps with engineering the particle size of the molecule for solubility of cosmetic formulations, making the pigments much brighter with richer color and silky textures.

Fulfilling Varied PSD Needs: Particle Size Distribution (PSD) requirements differ across industries. However, advanced milling technologies can cater to both upper and lower size limits, resulting in a tightly controlled PSD curve. This adaptability enables precise customization of particle sizes to match precise application necessities.​

Safeguarding Processes with Minimal Contaminant Risk: Industries seek processes that combine efficiency with safety and purity. State-of-the-art milling technologies encompass design components and handling mechanisms that minimize contamination risks. This upholds the integrity of the final product and ensures alignment with regulatory criteria.​

Tailoring PSD for Peak Powder Performance: Tailoring particle size distribution is a pivotal strategy to optimize powder effectiveness. By customizing PSD to align with precise application requirements, industries can enhance attributes like flow dynamics, dissolution kinetics, and homogeneity, ultimately perfecting product functionality.​

Expert Guidance in process Devepolment and configuration: teaming up with industry experts spanning R&D, Pilo-Scale, and industrial production, milling technology providers deliver comprehensive assistance in process development and setup. Leveraging their wealth of experience and insights, they aid in refining processes, selecting appropriate mill types, optimizing parameters, and seamlessly transitioning from small-scale trials to full-fledged manufacturing.​

For cosmetic particle and formulation engineering we use the following:

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