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Milling is a critical process in the battery industry, playing an essential role in the production of materials with specific particle sizes, crucial for the performance and efficiency of batteries. This mechanical technique involves the reduction of large particles, often greater than 1 mm, into finer powders, typically below 100 microns. 

Commonly used milling machines in this sector include the pin mill and hammer mill. These devices efficiently crush and grind raw materials, such as lithium, cobalt, and manganese, used in battery formulations. By achieving the required fine particle size, milling helps enhance the surface area of the active materials, thereby improving the reaction rates and overall battery performance. This process is vital in manufacturing electrodes and other components, ensuring uniformity, stability, and enhanced conductivity in battery products.​

Schedio offers a milling body predisposed for the installation of both pin and hammer mill within.

Pin mill

The equipment uses a rotor and stator with a special comminution geometry to allow the powder milling. The parts can easily be replaced with other disk geometries in order to set-up the best configuration depending on product characteristics.

Hammer mill

The powder enters the mill through a front opening, into the milling chamber. A rotor presses the powder against a sieve, which selects the particles according to its mesh dimension. The milling body is predisposed for the assembly of both hammer and pin mill.

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