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There are several types of mills utilized in particle size reduction processes, each catering to different requirements. The Spiral Jet Mill employs high-speed gas streams to create a spiral flow pattern within the mill, leading to fine particle size reduction. The Opposed Jet Mill employs opposing jet streams of a gas to achieve particle size reduction through collision and attrition. Another approach is the Dynamic Inline or Stand Alone Classifier, for enhancing PSD precision and process efficiency.​

Meeting All PSD Requirements: Particle Size Distribution (PSD) demands can vary widely across industries. However, advanced milling technologies can address both top-cut and bottom-cut requirements, ensuring a narrow and controlled PSD curve. This versatility allows for the precise tailoring of particle sizes to meet specific application needs.​

Morphology Control: Modern milling processes not only influence particle size distribution but also allow for control over particle morphology. This control is achieved through adjustments in process parameters and mill design, leading to the desired particle shape or allowing to maintain a certain particle shape.

​ Ensuring Process Safety with Minimal Contamination Risk: Industries demand processes that are not only efficient but also safe and contamination-free. Advanced milling technologies incorporate design features and handling systems that minimize the risk of contamination, ensuring the integrity of the final product and compliance with regulatory standards.​

Customizing PSD for Optimal Powder Performance: Tailoring particle size distribution is a key strategy to maximize the performance of powders. By customizing the PSD to match the specific requirements of an application, industries can enhance attributes such as flowability, dissolution rate, and mixing behavior, ultimately optimizing the product's functionality.​

Expert Support in Process Development and Setup: Collaborating with industry leaders, from R&D to pilot-scale and industrial production, milling technology providers offer comprehensive support in process development and setup. Leveraging their experience and insights, they assist in fine-tuning processes, selecting the right mill type, optimizing parameters, and transitioning from small-scale trials to full-scale production.

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