Process Protection

We can either collaborate on existing processes or start from scratch to develop new processes.

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Either way, our goal is to improve the containment level and reduce the exposure of the operator to high potent compounds. 

In most cases we do an assessment of the current status, and through a risk analysis we determine which are the weak points of the machines, or those with risk of exposure, and tailor a series of solutions to close open parts of the process. These solutions may include rigid or flexible isolators, liner systems, airlocks, localized suction systems, rapid transfer ports (RTP), etc.

Similar solutions can be used to protect the hygroscopic products or products which tend to oxidize or deteriorate when in contact with air.

In order to meet the latest safety requirements in terms of operational exposure level, even on large scale processes or processes already in place, Schedio offers tailored solutions, fit for purpose to:

Group 35
Group 34
Group 36

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Process Protection


up to 100 ng/m3

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