Operator & Product Protection Systems

Schedio provides solutions that help protect both the operator and product itself. These solutions may include isolators or other safety measures to enclose the process, aseptic isolators to protect the sterility of a product, or explosion prevention/protection systems for flammable compounds

With Bioavailability Enhancement being a key indicator of drug absorption, Schedio uses tailored solutions with specific machinery that helps with engineering the particle size of the molecule for drug solubility.

Each safety solution is specifically designed for the product and process of the customer, taking into account product properties and customers’ procedures (e.g. inlet outlet packing, batch sizes, etc.)

Safety by Design


Machine manufacturing and process set-up is our top priority. Our safety by design helps pharmaceutical clients handle the meticulous procedures, developments, and changes during the entire process to help reach the final outcome.

High Containment

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We leverage our background on micronization. Our innovative technology and experience help us with fully tailored and top-tier containment solutions. We use contained jet mills reaching an OEL of up to 10ng/m³, and other contained processes with an OELA of up to 1ng /m³.

Aseptic Isolators

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We design and provide micronization systems and tailored isolators for aseptic manufacturing as well. A series of solutions which may include either steam, VHP, or others are designed and tailored according to customers’ requirements.

Process Protection

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We can either collaborate on existing processes or start from scratch to develop new processes. Either way, our goal is to improve the containment level and reduce the exposure of the operator to high potent compounds.

Ex-Proof Systems

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For process products which are flammable or machines that must be washed with solvents, we collaborate with customers to address these specific elements and evaluate the risk associated with each situation.

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