Obtaining a scalable and reproducible micronization process with high yields using 5 grams of the product

Pharmaceutical companies invest significant time, effort, and resources into bringing their next big product to life, starting from formulations and product creations to pre-clinical and clinical trials. Given the critical role of micronization in the industry, it is imperative to find ways to streamline and optimize the process, particularly through milling machinery. Key questions arise, including how to recover the most product at the end of micronization, what machinery setups are needed for efficiency and consistency, and how to scale up the process for faster production.

The SSM44 mill offers a promising solution, as demonstrated in our whitepaper that examines the mill’s yield values in terms of powder output and product recovery. By verifying these values, we can help pharmaceutical companies make the most of their recovered product during initial testing trials before scaling up to commercial development. With smaller batch sizes and optimized micronization processes, companies can maximize their quantity of product and increase their profitability. Trust Schedio to help you achieve these goals and take your product to the next level.

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