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Schedio promotional image highlighting engineering excellence in the Red7 micronization process with advanced jet mill equipment optimization, featuring a schematic and red powder explosion visual.

Engineering Excellence: Elevating Red7 Micronization Process Via Advanced Jet Mill Equipment Optimization

Building on the insights from our March 2023 white paper "Red 7 Case Study: Defining the Best Process for Cosmetic Micronization", the opposed jet mill has now established itself as a key technology in the micronization of organic pigments, including Red7. This advanced milling method leverages high-speed gas jets to break down particles through impact and attrition, effectively eliminating the need for additional processes and additives while addressing the issue of clogging associated with traditional spiral jet mills.

The innovations described in this document focus on the design improvements of the mill's head and classifier, optimizing the flow and efficiency of powder discharge, and enhancing overall throughput. These enhancements not only streamline the micronization process but also ensure consistent particle sizes, critical for meeting the rigorous standards of various industries. The document further details the practical implications of these technological advancements, underscoring our commitment to ongoing innovation and improved reliability in micronization technology for organic pigments and related applications.

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