Take one step further with our personalized micronization™ equipments, which imply the possibility to completely tailor the process according to powder properties.

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Schedio Personalized Micronization™ introduces a multitude of parameters, which customers are supported to master in order to meet the expected quality and productivity goals. The new parameters used for jet milling help solve or ameliorate the challenges faced during micronization.

Spiral jet mill

No mechanical moving parts within the mill, along with easiness of dismantling, makes this machine the most flexible unit asmulti-product plant for ultra-fine particle size reduction.

The design of a milling chamber, independent from the jet mill body, makes the micronization possible and easy to be customized each time on the product.

The final particle size distribution is mainly determined by a combination of:

Opposite jet mill

Similarly to the spiral jet mill, this machine is designed to micronize dry powder and reduce the particle size to a distribution below 10 microns, depending on the final necessity of the end user. The micronization happens through frontal collision of dry particles, accelerated by pressurized process gas.

The high automation level of the opposite jet mill makes it a perfect product dedicated unit, and continuous micronization with limited human intervention.The final particle size distribution is determined by a combination of the following parameters:

More About Micronization

Industry estimates indicate that more than 80% of new chemical entities exhibit low solubility, low bioavailability and / or low or inconsistent dissolution rate.

Micronization is one of the most utilized solutions for particle size reduction and consequently bioavailability enhancement or drug substance vehiculation to lungs. It is a process that requires a pressurized gas (e.g. compressed air or nitrogen) in order to collide particles against each other. The performances of the machine, strongly vary according to powder properties (flowability, strength, etc.) and it is therefore necessary to be able to adapt the process to each products characteristics.

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