High Containment Isolators

With the demand for high potent API (HPAPI) constantly on the rise, ensuring the safety of operators from increasingly challenging operative exposure levels (OEL) becomes of utmost importance.

Explore cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs.

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Highly advanced solutions for your desired containment level.

                                                                                        Enhance Drug Absorption with Our Cutting-Edge Solutions

At Schedio, we address the crucial issue of enhancing drug absorption, where Bioavailability Enhancement stands as a key indicator. With our advanced machinery and tailored solutions, we engineer precise particle sizes for improved drug solubility, ensuring optimal therapeutic outcomes.

                                                                                                        Safety-Driven Solutions for Your Needs

Schedio provides comprehensive solutions to safeguard both operators and products. From isolators and safety measures for process enclosure to aseptic isolators maintaining product sterility, we have you covered. Additionally, our explosion prevention/protection systems ensure safe handling of flammable compounds. With a strong focus on operator ergonomics and safety, our glove boxes are thoughtfully designed to facilitate efficient processing while minimizing exposure risks.

                                                                                                        Customized to Your Product Properties

Understanding the diverse nature of products, we tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs. We analyze factors such as packaging formats, batch sizes, and product handling requirements, ensuring seamless integration into your processes. Count on us to strike the perfect balance between process optimization and stringent safety standards, providing you with a secure and reliable processing environment.

More About High Containment

High containment is crucial for effectively managing the challenges posed by the micronization process, primarily due to the substantial generation of ultra-fine particles.

Leveraging our innovative technology and expertise, we specialize in delivering fully tailored and top-tier containment solutions, meticulously designed to suit the unique characteristics of each process and product.
Achieve a containment level of 1 ng/m3 with Schedio’s tailor made isolators.

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