High Containment Isolators

With the demand for high potent API (HPAPI) constantly increasing, it is key to develop specific solutions for the protection of the operator against operative exposure levels (OEL) that become more and more challenging each year.

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Micronization is the most challenging process to be contained due to its heavy creation of ultra-fine particles. Our innovative technology and expertise help us with fully tailored and top-tier containment solutions, specifically designed according to process and product characteristics. Thanks to these solutions, we are able to provide contained jet mills reaching an OEL of up to 10 nanograms/m³ (0.01 microgram /m3), and other contained processes (e.g. reactor loading with an OEL of up to 1 nanogram /m³ (0.001 microgram/m3).

Schedio provides customers highly advanced solutions to reach the desired containment level.

We manufacture glove boxes, using our experience as end users of such solutions, in order to find the right compromise on the design of the machine and the process inside it. The glove boxes have a strong focus on the operability of the processing machine and handling of product inside (e.g. limit the weights, think of the batch sizes and product properties that allow easy cleaning of parts, proper reachability of all the components inside, operability with gloves, etc.), as well as the ergonomics of the operator, with a conservative approach to safety, which prevents exposure in case of misuse of the machine (concept of safety by design). The design of the glove boxes takes into consideration different product properties:

A deep study on the process must be contained, in order to identify the right compromise to maintain it as per the original, but also without compromising on safety and cleanability. The design of the glove boxes takes into consideration different product properties:

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Technical info

High Containment Isolators


up to 1ng/m3

ISO Class:
DIN 10648-2 Class 2

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