Ex-Proof Systems

For process products which are flammable or machines that must be washed with solvents or are installed in areas with risk of explosion, we collaborate with customers to address these specific elements and evaluate the risk associated with each situation.

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Flammable compounds, if ignited (e.g. by a spark), cause explosions, which may be fatal. 

We help you to address their AtEx marking, along with estimating the risk generated by the machine itself (in case it needs to process flammable compounds).

To ensure this does not happen, the machine must be designed according to the AtEx requirement (up to Zone 0/20) that is defined in collaboration with the customer. These solutions may include AtEx electric components, pressure resistant cyclone filters (for micronization) or solutions to prevent explosion, like inertization (e.g. with nitrogen).

Our approach to risk management, takes into consideration the human factor, with the understanding that not all procedures and manuals are always followed in full. The machine must be designed with the understanding that mistakes may happen, even in most controlled environments and fully trained operators.

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Ex-Proof Systems


AtEX marking:
Up to zone 0/20

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