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Welcome to our Knowledge Center! We are excited to share our technical articles, white papers and webinars from our experienced R&D and engineering team. Our goal is to consolidate the knowledge and expertise of our Subject Matter Experts and make it easily accessible to you.

Our team is continuously working on testing new prototypes, improving our machines, and developing challenging tailor-made plants. With so much interesting information to share, we aim to foster a learning community where we can all grow and learn together. Stay tuned for valuable insights into the latest developments and trends in the industry.

Obtaining a scalable and reproducible micronization process with high yields using 5 grams of the product

Pharmaceutical companies invest significant time, effort, and resources…

What are some hidden risks associated with isolators?

Pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies cannot afford to underestimate the risks of working with hazardous materials in glove boxes/isolators.

Reducing gas consumption by 20% during the micronization process with the coaxial jet mill

Pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies are no longer struggling…

The lifeblood of Schedio and our core values

Schedio was born from a group of passionate and experienced specialists from the pharmaceutical industry…

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